• Moved to an unfamiliar place that was alien to me and made a home of it
  • Learned to speak Chinese fluently
  • Never funded my lifestyle with money I didn’t earn.┬áNever borrowed money from parents
  • Established a career without spending four years and tens of thousands of dollars in college. Achieved results unconventionally
  • Had fulfilling and meaningful relationships with girlfriends who didn’t speak any English
  • Gained 40lbs in four months after being 175lbs for 10 years. Currently 6’4″ 215lbs
  • Made my parents proud
  • Learned to play guitar without formal lessons
  • Survived an 8.0 magnitude earthquake, 40km from the epicenter, while on a Daoist mountain (2008 Sichuan earthquake)
  • With the exception 18 months after buying a new car, never went into debt

Writing these down brings me satisfaction. Like the countless days that have flown by continue to mean something. It reminds me to continue to strive to accomplish more and take things one step at a time while keeping the big picture in mind.

What are you proud of?