Like most of the rest of you, I’ve been watching news on the presidential primaries that have been taking place over the last few weeks. I haven’t been captivated by anything in the news in years; matter of fact, I generally don’t even bother to stay updated unless a natural disaster has plighted a major city or a war is finished or begun. But I watch with hope that a new president in America can make some major changes and with some luck, guide us back towards the free society that we used to be known for. Although I’ve been out of the country for several years, the methodical dismantling of the constitution and the theft of our personal freedoms is an acutely distressing issue that demands the attention of all Americans. As our current administration manipulates truths and acts in accordance with its own selfish interests, a country and world boil while their inquiry and concerns are ignored – but at this time, we have the power to make a difference.

I hope everyone reading this votes democrat in the election this fall, because we do not need to be killing civilians in Iraq for the next 100 years.

Aside from raising over $30 million in January (more than twice that of Clinton), since February 5th – over two days – Barack Obama has raised in excess of $7 million thanks to countless humble contributions from people like me (a $25 donor). Together we can make a difference in this crucial election. Read about his policy on his website, and if you haven’t already, read what Caroline Kennedy (daughter of our greatest president in the last 100 years, John F. Kennedy) has to say.