Played a party virtually in the middle of nowhere tonight, a city called Wan Zhou, 3 hours outside of Chongqing. The promoter (J&B, evidently some Scottish brand of whiskey) didn’t tell me that I was going out to the sticks so I wasn’t happy about having to spend all day commuting, but it ended with a nice surprise.

Normally for shows like this, outside of major cities, I’m restricted to only playing psuedo commercial music, at least something within in the 125-135 bpm (house/breaks music range) but tonight I spent an hour chatting with the J&B boss from Guangzhou during the hour long break. He was telling me how he hates commercial club music and listens to hip hop, which blew me away, and then suggested that I play hip hop when I get back on. Me and Tangzong (the Chengdu local J&B promoter) were both reluctant but it turned into total insanity. The best DJ’ing memory at least for the last month. It was the first time hip hop had ever been played in that club.

I don’t know what else to write, I just had a really great time tonight. Tomorrow I take the train back to Chongqing where I’ll regroup with the Chungking Flight Group.