Climbing the Spiritual Staircase

All my life I’ve been pondering the connection between spirituality and religion. With an Episcopalian mother and a Zen father, I was challenged to decipher the meanings of each from a young age. After years of compulsory church, which starkly contrasted with the “Take it, if you wish” approach that my father and Buddhism in general take, I gravitated toward the latter. It was never the ritual or history that attracted me, but the principles of character that believers subscribe to. The pursuit of truth, and connection with my true self and the true universe.

This video encapsulates that well. Watch it.

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White Girl Raps Spectacularly

A few weeks ago Nemo introduced me to White People Rapping Poorly, a Tumblr blog which features nothing but terrible rappers. Terrible white rappers. I checked it out once, had a good laugh and never returned.

This clip, however, I’ve listened to many times today alone. It’s a cover of Lil Wayne’s 6 Foot 7, a song that I posted here last month. Here’s what Kensho had to say when I shared the link on Facebook:
[quote]She’s RAW!!! Better than 94% of rappers out there!![/quote]
Gotta say I agree, Kuma.


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