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Song of the Day #187: Money

Lido – Money

Last week when I was in Seattle I caught a Lido show at The Crocodile in Belltown and it was an amazing show. Having only known Lido as a music producer, I didn’t know that he was such an accomplished musician at the age of 23.

Check out Lido on Youtube for some fantastic live performance videos, including a few with a full orchestra.

Published on October 30, 2015

Song of the Day #186: Loud Places

Jamie XX – Loud Places

Another song off Jamie XX’s debut studio album released earlier this year In Colour. Unlike Sleep Sound, this song was one of the singles which debuted before the release of the album (along with the stripped-down nü-rave song titled Gosh). The music video directed by Simon Halsall & JB Babenhausen is not one that I had seen until a few days ago, but it suits the song well. The confetti at 3:22 into the video is a really nice effect.

Read more about Jamie XX on Wikipedia.

Published on October 5, 2015

Song of the Day #185: Katachi

Shugo Tokumaru – Katachi

A song produced and recorded by Tokyo-based Shugo Tokumaru, a multi-instrumentalist and member of the Japanese rock band Gellers. The video is amazing and was created by Kijek/Adamski, a Polish duo which has become known for this frame-by-frame visual art style.

Published on September 29, 2015

Song of the Day #184: Lackluster No.

Nova Heart – Lackluster No.

A single off the debut album of Beijing-based band Nova Heart which was released a few months ago in July. It comes with a visually interesting music video that is criminally under viewed on Youtube. I mentioned Nova Heart here in 2013, after serendipitously catching them at a local show and being impressed. They among the best bands that I have seen in China, but this is a song and album release that went under my radar. And almost everyone else’s, apparently.

Published on September 21, 2015

Song of the Day #183: Lofticries

Purity Ring – Lofticries

Purity Ring is a Canadian synthpop duo hailing from Montreal, Canada who released their second album this year. I have a deep mental association of this particular song with Berlin, after spending a week there last year and listening to the debut Purity Ring album on repeat while exploring the city on foot.

It is an amazing song, and the other single off this album (Fineshrine) is also. Both of them have pretty charming music videos, which is a bonus. Unfortunately the sophomore album from Purity Ring, released this year, does not capture the same dark and heavy atmosphere that these two singles off the debut album have.

More about Purity Ring on Wikipedia.

Published on September 15, 2015

Song of the Day #182: Back & Forth

20Syl – Back & Forth

I recently stumbled upon this song in the Apple Watch commercial below. Really fantastic to see such an outstanding independent musician get an enormous platform like this. As one of the watches is spinning, you can see that it says 20Syl. If you aren’t familiar with 20Syl: Kodama

Published on September 11, 2015

Song of the Day #180: Alice

Pogo – Alice

Pogo is an Australian electronic musician who produces video compositions to accompany the songs that he makes. Almost all of his songs sample well-known works entirely (like this one, which samples Alice in Wonderland), meaning there are no sonic elements in the song that are not in the movie. Pogo has a popular Youtube channel and an official website here:

Published on August 28, 2015