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Another Listen: Anger Mixtape feat. Trump

Just Charlie - AngerAfter months of following the presidential election season unfold, it’s almost over. Today is Tuesday, November 5th in China, and polls open in just a few hours in the United States as voters will begin to stream in to cast their ballots.

It was ten months ago that I joined a group of friends in a mixtape project where we represent a randomly assigned emotion through a collection of eight songs. My assigned emotion was Anger. And so I made this mixtape, with the central theme being the rising popularity and divisive nature of Donald Trump’s newfound popularity. The mixtape starts with Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Trump at a rally in January 2016, the week that I recorded this. A list of other samples is below.

Looking back on this ten months later, the anger has not abated, it has intensified. And it’s not just political opponents and adversaries of a potential Trump presidency, it is on both sides of the aisle.

Happy election day 🇺🇸

Download Link

“Anger” Mixtape MP3

This mix is 32 minutes long, 320kbps, and 78 megabytes in size.


  1. Black Sun Empire – Wasteland (feat. SPL)
  2. Bob Dylan – Masters of War
  3. Bassnectar – Seek & Destroy (Remix)
  4. Metallica – Seek & Destroy
  5. Black Flag – Rise Above
  6. The Eagles – Peaceful Easy Feeling
  7. Carly Simon & James Taylor – Mockingbird
  8. John Lennon – Gimme Some Truth

Sampled on this Mixtape

  1. Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump
  2. George Carlin on “The real owners”
  3. Bill O’Reilly “Doing it live”
  4. Howard Beale rant from Network (1976)
  5. “I hate the fuckin’ Eagles” from The Big Lebowski (1998)
  6. “Who needs the radio?” from Dumb & Dumber (1994)
  7. “You can’t handle the truth” from A Few Good Men (1992)
Published on November 8, 2016

Photos from a Week in Kunming

Last month I suddenly opted out of a trip to India and ended up heading south to Kunming, capital of Yunnan province. Some photos from that trip, with a link to more below.

Kunming China

Kunming 2016

Kunming 2016

Kunming 2016

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Published on April 1, 2016

Photos from Berlin

A few photos from my recent trip to Berlin, separate from the Berlin Street Art Photos page. Below these few images is a link to the rest of the photos.





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Published on May 8, 2015

One Night in Chongqing

Last night was my second time playing at an event in Chongqing called Instinct, which is an underground music event in the Chongqing’s downtown Jiefang Bei district. It was created by a Dutch guy named Bram who puts a lot of effort and attention into creating unique spaces. For this event we (Disco Death) went as a group of four: two DJs and two live visual artists (VJs). The theme of the event was “Lost in Space”.

Here are a few photos, there are some more at the link below.






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Published on April 19, 2015

Feasibility of CIA Involvement in The Interview

The InterviewWhen I was in the states a week ago I caught up with an old friend who made an interesting offhand comment about The Interview: what if the CIA were involved?

It’s not as far fetched as it may seem when you consider a few facts:

  • Since the CIA was founded in 1947, it has included culture and art as instruments in its toolkit for conducting covert operations. It has a history of employing popular media.
  • The Interview is the most widely-known work which purports to describe conditions inside North Korea, even if in an absurd context. It will inform millions around the world on North Korea and will influence popular opinion.
  • The film has led to renewed worldwide discussion and widespread ridicule of the North Korean state and its leader. If the CIA says Kim Jong-un is a maniac, no one cares. If Seth Rogan makes a movie which says the same thing, which is then claimed to be an act of war by North Korea itself, worldwide media catapults the film to relevance everywhere, immediately.

In the movie, Seth Rogan asks: If we kill Kim, won’t he just be replaced by another chubby dude with a goofy hairdo?

Yes, he will. “Killing Kim won’t change anything. He will be replaced. He has brothers and generals… the people need to be shown that he is not a God; that he is a man. Then they will be ready for change.”

What happens when North Koreans learn of The Interview, the context surrounding it, and begin to watch it?

The CIA having a hand in The Interview would be hiding in plain sight.

Modern Art as a Coercive Force

Jackson PollackIn the 1950’s, the CIA funded the Abstract Expressionist art movement in order to use it as a weapon against the Soviet Union.

At the time, Moscow was vehemently opposed to non-conformity and was relentlessly committed to rigid systems of control. The American modern art movement was the opposite: it discarded artistic principles that came before it in favor of chaos and randomness.

Artists like Jackson Pollack and Willem de Kooning created art which was funded and promoted by the CIA. Art was promoted within a policy called “long leash”, which described the distance required between these two parties to avoid detection.

During this period, exhibitions with titles like “The New American Painting” were featured in every major European city all across the continent. Who would suspect, especially in the 1950’s, that the CIA was funding art exhibitions in Europe? It’s brilliantly cunning.

This article published by The Independent goes deeper into this fascinating subject.

Published on January 5, 2015