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Chengdu 2016 Graffiti Battle Photos

A few photos from a graffiti battle here in Chengdu, called Toyato. Hosted by Gas, Chengdu’s (and Western China’s) most prominent graffiti artist.

The graffiti scene in China has changed a lot in the time that I’ve been here. Mandarin-language graffiti is more common now and features of traditional Chinese culture (pagodas, calligraphy brushes, pandas, kung fu) are frequently featured, instead of just the international symbols, like boomboxes and train cars.

Toyato Graffiti Event (8 of 8)

Toyato Graffiti Event (7 of 8)

Toyato Graffiti Event (6 of 8)


Toyato Graffiti Event (4 of 8)

Toyato Graffiti Event (3 of 8)

Toyato Graffiti Event (3 of 8)


Published on August 23, 2016

Mao Statue in Sichuan University, Chengdu

Mao Statue in SichuanU

Published on April 18, 2016

Carpainter @ NASA



Carpainter, Yokohama-based founder of Trekkie Trax records (which has signed some tracks from Conrank) last weekend in Chengdu. Pretty sure his name is a reference to this boss in the 1994 SNES game Earthbound which I played as a kid. That obscure reference is up my alley.

Check out Carpainter on Soundcloud.

Published on January 25, 2016

Summertime 2015 in Chengdu

A few photos from the past few weeks in Chengdu:

Chengdu Rooftop

Rooftop Chess

Kensho Old Hood

HM Geno

Chengdu Street Signs

NASA with Kensho

Kensho Sleeping


Lunch Table

Published on August 4, 2015

May 2015 Snapshots in Chengdu

I am really enjoying the summertime over here. Here are a few snapshots from the last month. Highlights include:

  • DJ’ing at the wave pool within an amusement park last weekend
  • The Arena dance battle, hosted by my good friends who run Sinostage, which was amazing
  • The Arena dance battle block party which was in Chengdu’s Chunxi Road shopping district, that I played music at
  • UK music producer Troiboi, who performed at NASA in Chengdu
  • A painting by Yue Minjun, one of my favorite Chinese artists

Chengdu May-4

Chengdu May-10

Chengdu May-20

Happy Valley-1

Happy Valley-2

Chengdu May-23

Chengdu May-3

Published on June 3, 2015